A Company Born from a Desire to Change the Industry...

Phill Katz started The Repair Kings back in 2009 with the goal to provide the best service. After working with multiple companies he saw firsthand the dishonesty and indifferent experience given to customers. The Repair Kings was not only created to provide excellent customer service and honest repairs but to really make customers feel like they're a close friend. Everyday The Repair Kings strives to improve our services and offer new ways to save money.

Flat Rate & Unlimited Plans

We are the only shop to offer FLAT RATE repairs for only $29.99 plus parts if needed. You can even bring your own parts if you want. We are also the only ones to offer UNLIMITED repair plans starting at ONLY $19.99.

Business Services

We offer special wholesale pricing to other businesses as well as other professional services such as inspections of electronic devices for insurance claims or clearence. We also offer onsite repair services at no extra charge.

Free Classes

We offer free classes to help our customers better understand how their electronics work and technology in general so they can be empowered to make confident decisions when dealing with technology. We believe customers should know what they need and why they need it and not just put all their faith in a tech and hope he/ she knows what they're doing.

Why us?

We understand that you have tons of other companies and shops to choose from. So why choose us? We give you what no other company or tech will. An experience you won't get with any of our competition. We treat you like a lifelong friend. That's why we not only offer the cheapest prices around for professional work but also want you to walk away knowing more about the repair and your device then when you came to us. That's why we allow you to not only sit with us while we work on your electronics but walk you through the entire process and answer all and any questions you have. We also offer free classes so you can be an informed consumer and know how your devices work and how repairs are done.

We are also the only ones around that offer FLAT RATE repairs and UNLIMITED repair plans. We also offer wholesale repair pricing and other business to business services. So you can pick anyone else but you'll only get this kind of service with us.


We offer many services both for individual customers and for business and companies.

  • Fast responses are always appreciated. The phone works like it did before the screen got cracked, overall, the service was Good and Fast


  • This was a great experience. Nice guy, honest, hard-working. Phil did exactly what he said he would do, told us what he was doing as he did it, and completely fixed our xbox one problem for a low fee--and he clearly tried to find the least invasive (and least expensive way) to fix the problem. Excellent!

    Alan Bradshaw

  • Phill fixed my iPad 4 screen. Mine was cracked. New one has thirty day warranty. Very accommodating via email. Works on weekends. Cheapest price around to fix my iPad. Has groupon available. Accessible location. Honest. Offered to have me sit next to him to watch him do the replacement but it wasn't necessary. New screen works and looks great. Would definitely recommend him and come back.

    Cara Wu

  • Best prices and great service!!! I have fixed my xbox with them and would highly recommend their business.

    Vinny K.

  • I got my kid's Iphone 5C repaired on Christmas Eve. New screen and glass in less than 30 minutes while we waited. Super friendly with clean and quick service. Make sure to call and make an appointment. You won't be disappointed. Offers Belly rewards too.

    Tal Y.

Free Classes

We are proud to say that we are one of the only electronic repair companies that offer free classes to our valued customers. Below are a list and description of classes that we offer. We offer these classes for free because we believe our customers deserve the right to know how electronics work.

iPhones and iPads

In this class you will learn the differences between each device inside and out. You will also learn how to troubleshoot your device as well as data recovery and how to operate your device without having to use iTunes. You will also learn how to properly test a device and what to look for when buying so you don't get scammed.

Android Phones and Tablets

In this class you will learn how your device works and how to troubleshoot your device. You will also learn data recovery options and how to navigate the most common features.


In this class you will learn the basics of how a computer works and how it's built. You will also learn how to troubleshoot problems as well as virus removal and data recovery techniques. You will also learn how to do basic upgrades.

The Internet

In this class you will learn how to navigate your device, how to setup accounts such as email, ebay, etc, and how to protect your identity online.


Feel free to contact us anytime with any questions. If we get too busy to answer the phone leave a message or text us or shoot us an e-mail.

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